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Who we are

Rob and Felicia Somma


After more than 30 years of commercial Construction Management experience, a Master’s degree in Finance & Economics, a Master Gardener, certified life and health coach, published photographer and furniture maker, I was continually strengthening my connection to nature. A student of Dr. Wayne Dyer, of the Tao Te Ching, a fan of Echkhart Tolle, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Ilchi Lee, the practice of Tai Chi to direct the energy of the mind quickly became a clear path for me to give and to grow and to apply in unifying my personal and professional life.

 I have practiced yoga/Tai Chi for 11 years, teaching now for 9. The primary benefit of Tai Chi is self-discovery. This “self-discovery” that so many talk about, for me, is the focusing of the power of my mind, harnessing the power and directing it as a tool that works for me, not a tool that is manipulated like a runaway thought train. We find first starting with slower and slower movements it takes greater and greater concentration, strength, flexibility, balance and then relaxation, just connection. An absolute minimum of thought where time slows and awareness of the different dimensions of who we are expose themselves.


Life is a journey. The universal playing field for our growth. I am a wife, mother, and Healer.  Over the past 12 years, I have studied and practiced Tao Principles with many enlightened teachers, such as Ilchi Lee and Shiatsu Master Ohashi.  My Certifications are in Yoga Therapy and I am an NYS Licensed Massage Therapist practicing traditional massage and the Oriental Healing Arts. Sharing my heart has given me the ability to help me heal my mind body and soul. Personal enlightenment is meant to be shared. Love can heal our hearts. It can heal the earth and humanity.